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[Pinned] Guild Rules
General Discussion

[Pinned] Guild Rules

General:No racismNo sexismNo offensive commentsTreat people in a manner that you would wish to be treatedDo not steal loot from other people (this is for when you are with Pugs)Raiding:We use an EPGP based system with a loot council overlay. You e...
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General Discussion

Server Drama

Last night the Elysium team (guys that run our servers) had a huge drama!!!Essentially some of the people who were running things have been pocketing money.As a response to this, the servers are currently down, with a restart coming at some point ...
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General Discussion

Dafuq is going on!?!

Drama abound on Elysium, so the servers are down for now.We are discussing what to do here thread will serve as an information source, please keep guild discussion to Ovuler's thread and Disco...
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General Discussion

Alts in raids

Recently we have had more and more people asking to bring alts to raids, and in the interest of clarity I felt I should give some sort of guidelines for our thoughts on this subject.We allow alts in raids when we think there is a long term benefit...
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General Discussion

Kanth's new job

Hi peeps,so I got a new job, and as of right now, I will be working evening shifts on Wednsdays. You know what that means..Hopefully will be able to move the shift to a different day so I can raid with you, but it just isnt in the cards as of righ...
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General Discussion

AQ Preperation

The "ask" is this:Discuss, research, collect a set of NR gear for your character (loads of different forum posts about what to get and from where). the 5 people with the highest total NR on the night of our first AQ40 raid will receive 200g each.C...
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General Discussion

World drakes

So I was sitting in with 8 other guilds this evening talking about how they want to make their own World drakes setup. The idea is pretty simple - we make a summoner network, we scout, and we overrule Hope's iron clutch on the drakes. All this sou...
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General Discussion

Scepter of Shifting Sands (Bang A Gong!)

Hello everyone ! As some of you know I have been talking much about how I want to do the AQ opening questline (Scepter of Shifting Sands) and be apart of those that ring the gong to open AQ.I have been wanting to do this quest line since basicly w...
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General Discussion

Gearing up raiders

Hello,I have a request to make for the guild bank. I wanna buy 2 sets of Bloodvine, and a set of Devilsaur.One for Ccorrupter, one for biggles, and the devilsaur for Shayna.Both Biggles and Ccorupter has proven to be useful and valuable assets in ...
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General Discussion

And another one D':

Hello my beloved guild!Im afraid I have to announce that im not coming back. Seeing Ovulers post on my vacation announcement completely baffled me. I haven’t been playing games of any kind the last month and WoW has simply slipped out of my mind n...
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General Discussion

Nasha/Guleboi Quitting

I'm going to quit playing on Darrowshire and world of warcraft in generalI've been playing vanilla actively for soon two years and I am getting burnt out. At the same time I've gotten a summer job, meeting up with old friends in Stockholm, trying ...
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General Discussion

Q&A Session - Kanthalas

Hey. So Im reviving the thread from eXperience forum, cause it's fun. Short bio: 23, used to be attending uni, got sick of doing theoretical math, and dropped it for now. Reapplying with different courses atm. Working in a Flying Tiger store in da...
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General Discussion

Wednesday the 12th, Raid debrief

This is my first and hopefully the only post raid debrief I have done or will have to do. these are my thoughts and they are not necessarily in order, nor are they necessarily directed at any 1 person specifically.1 If you are raiding from a non o...
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General Discussion

What is our "mission statement"?

As the title says, this is a place for us to write what we all think we are trying to achieve while we nerd about in pixel land.The Objectives for Ascension:Build a strong inviting community on the Darrowshire serverMaintain good progress while on...
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General Discussion

How do we make this better?

post here with your suggestions on how to improve our lives
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General Discussion

Q&A Session - Atashi

I said that I would make one of these threads, so I will.Short about me to give some background:Guy from Sweden, 28 years old, programming video games for a living for my own company. Interests are video games, racing, weeb stuff and computers in ...
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General Discussion

Work, life, raiding and whatnot..

So guys I have gotten wonderful new on my work life. I have been promoted to be General Manager in a Boutique hotel here in Lisbon.Because of this I have suffered a little impact on the time I have to raid which after I sort loads of stuff should ...
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General Discussion


Welcome to the forums!If you're new here, add a post introducing yourself to the community :)
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General Discussion

Useful links!

Hey guys i wanted to make a thread where we gather any links you deem useful and might help out the guild! Just write the link you want to be added to the list below this post and i will add them!Raid resets and other major events on darrowshire:h...
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