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Kaffecop2107Small Sharpbeard 62d

Heads and hearths, who can still provide the buff

As we are progressing trough the content, we are using a number of hearts and heads for buffing.Already we have characters that have done multiple of these quests. The point of this tread is to make a list of who has done the quests and whos avail...
Small Waaghh 174d
Waaghh35973Small Sharpbeard 147d

Ascension Basic BWL Strategies

I know this might seem late in the day to be posting BWL strategies, but we have some new guys who might want to know:Razorgore:Phase 1, Stand in the middle of the room and kill EVERYTHING.Phase 2, Hide out of LOS of the dragon, give tanks plenty ...
Member avatar small Ovuler 186d
Ovuler2104Small Waaghh 186d
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