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Prot warrior tanking gear thread

Following the huge success of Lierans thread.Prot tanks:-What is your gear/sets like?-What pieces of gear do you still need?
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Fury warrior tanking gear thread

A Place to write down our current Tanking gear as requested by OvulerMy current gear:Helm: Helm of WrathNeck: Rage of MugambaShoulders: Pauldrons of MightCloak: Overlord's EmbraceChest: Zandalar Vindicator's BreastplateBracers: Battleborn Armbrace...
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Druid (restoration)

Talents: There are basically two talent builds for a restoration druid. At the beginning of Your raiding career, when gear is not that good :
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The tanking compendium: "The way of the punching bag"

So to go along the lines of what we talked about yesterday evening, I've decided to start a thread of "this is how I tank". Here, the idea will be to talk about tanking in general and try to get all the thousands of points we should remember for r...
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NR Guide for Rogues

Since Bramblewood SET (craftable leather NR set) and Gaea's Embrace (best NR cloak crafted by tailors) won't be available until patch 1.11, here are some farmable items i found to be the best for Rogues.Head:- Green Lens of Nature Resistance (CLOT...
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Paladin stuff

Addons that you need! for raiding:DecursiveCT_raidassisthealers assistpallypowerbigwigsKLHthreatmetersw_statsYou can find those Addons here: some here https://forum.elysium-projec...
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Here is a spreadsheet I found for gear, enchants, consumables and more that might help some of us. there is something that you think is a bette...
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Rogue and Warriors

I dont know how many of u guys know this and i dont know which tactic we will use when we get to a one of the opsional bosses in aq 40. There is a weapon which would help us alot when we get to that boss and the weapon is http://db.vanillagaming.o...
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there are plenty of guides and gearing advice posts on the internet to help you on your way, here is a relatively nice one: only addon I suggest you need as a hunter (outside o...
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The protection warrior

This post is aimed towards our protection warriors. Consumables: An overview of all availible consumables: personally bring these consumables to each raid...
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Druid (moonkin)

Who will be Our moonkin?Guide:Log out, create a mage 😎
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Healing consumables

MC / BWL / Onyxia:Mandatory consumables:Greater Shadow/Arcane/Fire Protection potion: 1 stacks of each.Nightfin Soup: 1 stack (if you prefer using spirit + stam food it's fine aswell)Mana potions: 3 stacks (Superior / Major mana potions)Restorati...
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Priest: General tips

Leveling and stuff before endgame: endgame stuff:
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The Rogue

So this will be a place were we will store information about the Rogue Class.I will Begin with throwing some basic stuff in here. feel free to comment and add stuff as we go :)Guide:This guide i find really helpful. Most of you have probably read ...
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Priest stuff

Renew macro:/run m=0 for i=1,40 do if(strfind(tostring(UnitBuff("target",i)),"Spell_Holy_Renew"))then m=1 end end if m==0 then CastSpellByName("Renew(Rank 9)") endBasic raiding talents:Basic healing:
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Warrior spreadsheat

I've made a new and improved spread sheet to test the theory behind different weapons for warriors. Insert your own values in the orange boxes and watch the magic happen.
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Mats for ZG enchants

Presence of might:DollArcanum of ProtectionPrimal Hakkari AegisSyncretist's Sigil:DollArcanum of ProtectionPrimal Hakkari ShawlDeath's Embrace:DollArcanum of RapidityPrimal Hakkari KossackFalcon's Call:DollArcanum of RapidityPrimal Hakkari Stanchi...
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Weapon skill and critical strike cap from A to Z on Darrowshire!

I will at a later point embed the guide on the forum but the format right now is messing up the tables. For now, here is a link to the guide in .pdf format: to Satisfactio...
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